AUTONOMIK - Autonome und simulationsbasierte Systeme für den Mittelstand

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AUTONOMICS is a funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). As part of the competition, AUTONOMICS: Autonomous, simulation-based systems for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Ministry selected twelve winning pilot schemes. With this initiative, the Ministry wants to promote research and development activities to speed up the development and broad use of ICT-based technologies and services along the whole supply chain to enhance the autonomy of user systems.


A major aim of the funding priority is to advance the development and prooftesting of autonomous systems as components of a future Internet of Things in practical application fields. Available, basic methods, such as visualisation, modelling, simulation, decision-making or modularisation, will be applied and upgraded for specific applications or scenarios.

Scientific Assistance

Scientific assistance for the technology programme, Autonomics, aims at ensuring a high quality of project outcomes to make an important contribution to their market success and the effective introduction of technology-based process and product innovations. 

AUTONOMIK - Autonome und simulationsbasierte Systeme für den Mittelstand


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